Cybercriminals are always developing new methods to get your personal information and get your money, or assume your identity. The most reliable online antivirus guards your devices using a variety of tools that help keep you protected from the most recent threats and assist you in dealing with cyberattacks when they occur.

The best antivirus suites online are simple to use, provide excellent security against malware, and have a low impact on the performance of your system. They also offer useful features like a password manager as well as parental controls, as well as dark web scanning. Some suites have the VPN that safeguards your data when you connect to public WiFi networks.

Bitdefender combines excellent malware protection with a range of useful features, including an app locker and anti-theft tools, at a price that is affordable. The mobile apps are efficient and feature a superb plan. The only problem is that it doesn’t detect specific kinds of ransomware.

Norton Power Eraser is a good value for money, offering an account manager for passwords as well as anti-theft features. Its phishing and malware detection isn’t as efficient as premium suites.

Kaspersky is a fantastic malware scanner that comes with a lot of useful features, however its free plan is only basic protection against phishing and theft. Kaspersky Mobile Security is the premium version. It offers a reliable app lock, an unlimited data VPN, and a great dark web scan. It’s not the least expensive option however it’s among the most efficient.

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