Board meetings are ideal for generating enthusiasm and bring members from diverse backgrounds to discuss their creative ideas. In order to keep the momentum going, it requires more than just getting everyone in the same room.

Board members must feel that they are able to trust one another enough to be honest and ask difficult questions. This is only possible by having an openness and transparency culture. It is essential to create an environment that is conducive to board meetings and are as productive as possible.

The agenda of the board should clearly state what directors need to do to achieve their goals. It should also be flexible to accommodate unexpected items or the need to change the order of items as necessary. The board should also be given the chance to discuss any new business items.

When it comes to addressing new business, a competent board chair should avoid presenting reports and instead concentrate on facilitating discussion among the whole group. This will not only save you time, but it will also to create a positive working environment which the board can be able to ask tough questions to management.

Another way to stimulate discussion is to include a parking lot on the agenda. This will allow for small, random topics to be discussed but will not distract from the more important issues in the room. Distractions can eat up valuable meeting time and prevent the board from taking action.

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