The boardroom is the central point of a business. It is where the most important decisions are made and where strategies are developed to ensure that corporate integrity is protected. These decisions impact on everyone involved, from employees of a company to the shareholders who control its shares to the economy. For this reason, it is vital for the boardroom space to be properly furnished.

A well-appointed workplace, like our shared offices and collaborative workspaces is a reflection of your quality standards and business ethics. This in turn leaves an impression on your clients, and reinforces their confidence in you. We have a range of boardrooms that can be adapted enough to accommodate different needs for meetings. Our rental package includes all equipment, training and ongoing support.

We also offer an office as a service that allows your team to reserve a space on an occasion-by-occasion basis for a nominal monthly cost. This includes the most recent technology for video presentations and conferences. Newline Qwith interactive screens allows you to work online and in-person with groups and hold meetings.

Boards are now required to go paperless to enhance the meeting experience. In addition to ensuring that all meeting minutes are accurate digital platforms are also useful for other tasks such as drafting agendas and the approval of motions. With a digital boardroom, you will save on the cost of printing and distribution, as well as the time you spend preparing for each meeting.

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