A VPN is a tool that helps ensure you’re safe and secure online, however it’s crucial to consider your purpose scenario. Do you run a business that relies on cloud services? Do you stream video or play games online? The top VPNs provide robust performance for all of these activities.

VPNs secure data to ensure that it is not accessible to anyone who intercepts your connection. They also hide your IP address to ensure that websites aren’t able track you. In this regard, it’s crucial to select a VPN that has tried and true encryption standards. Our top picks all have 256-bit AES encryption, and some even utilize the more secure ChaCha20 protocol.

Multiple devices connected to the same VPN at the same time can prevent privacy breaches It’s a good idea to select a VPN service that can support simultaneous connections. It is important to choose a VPN which lets you connect to the most servers possible. This is particularly beneficial in case you frequently travel and require connections in various locations.

It’s a common sales tactic for VPN providers to claim they have the fastest speeds. For a more accurate view of performance, you should look for reviews that compare speeds with respect to each other rather than direct Mbps comparisons.

Mullvad offers ad and ad tracker blocking features, however they require a more manual approach to be activated on its Android application. It’s a tiny detail that demonstrates the level of thought put into the service and platform overall. Its transparency is also a standout in a world of VPNs who conceal their ownership and team members.

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